Yubo Joins the NFT-World after Launching Randos

NTFs are gaining popularity in the exchange and representation of digital collectibles, including digital collectibles with value and scarcity and tokenized versions of the assets. When it comes to trading, buying, and selling NTFs, Yubo is the first user-friendly, decentralized marketplace. It specializes in NTF, and its staff is developing a native digital asset that will be used in buying and selling. This marks an incredible step in adopting cryptocurrency since it not only avails digital assets not only to the crypto enthusiasts but to everyone. Let’s look at how the holders of Rando NFT will unlock Yubo’s new opportunities.

  1. Earn Revenue

Yubo has an extensive user base, but many are inactive on the platform. The users can make money by creating and selling NTFs in the Marketplace. Each sale will earn them 5 % of the Revenue, which is an incredible way of making passive income from their assets.

  1. Token Economy

Yubo will enable them to buy and sell using NTF. This will be a suitable way for the users to earn rewards via NTFs. The rewards will be relative to the number of NTFs. Users get rewards for creating and selling NTF, which implies that they contribute to the platform’s growth with their holdings.

  1. 3D Metaverse

Yubo will devise a 3D Metaverse, a combination of blockchain and the real world. 3D Metaverse is quite different from other platforms as it is not only a digital platform but also a physical one. This is a great concept that will open new possibilities for the future of the highly technologically advancing world. NTF holders will benefit from:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Receive revenue shares
  • Significantly contribute to the 3D Metaverse platform

The earnings will be generated by ticketing live events. Yubo will establish a cryptocurrency in mid-2023.