Upcoming Events at SeaWorld Entertainment this Summer

Over the years, SeaWorld Entertainment has indulged in the research and preservation of sea animals. With different partnerships, they have launched several research projects on the conservation of water animals. Some of the projects include the Halloween entertainment sessions. All events require you to check for the indicated restrictions and make early bookings. Upcoming events this summer include:

From 11th June to 6th September is the Electric Ocean. The show is famous for great entertainment, and it’s a night show with electrifying live music, summer eats, and a variety of bright illustrations; the highlight of the show is the glowing sea creatures and DJ music. The show is family-friendly, and you will get a chance to dance beneath waves and end the day with fireworks. When you attend the Electric Ocean, the charges are inclusive of park fees.

The Sesame Street Parado starts on 10th July with events running every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Sesame Street Parado incorporates colorful floats and fantastic characters, making the event kid-friendly.

The San Diego SeaWorld Entertainment will host the ‘ Howl O Scream‘ from September. This extravaganza is a more horror-themed one and so they can get scary, but it’s a perfect Halloween affair. SeaWorld management advises that this show is inappropriate for kids as it features haunted houses, live performances, and cocktails. Nevertheless, during this period they will also have a standard Spooktacular going on. It has several activities for kids to indulge in during the day.

Visit the SeaWorld Coral Conservation Center in Orlando. SeaWorld Aquarium supervisor will take you through and experience the aquarium lighting and filtration systems and several saltwater talks that host rescued corals. The center holds about 88 different species of corals and a total of 753 corals. To appreciate the work of this program that is to save the endangered coral species across the world.

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