Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen is Your One-Stop Shop for Solar PV and Thermal Solutions

PosiGen is a national solar leasing company with a proven business model of providing affordable solar panels and energy efficiency solutions to economically disadvantaged communities. According to PosiGen CEO, the company’s mission is to make solar energy accessible to all by bridging the gap between affordable pricing and effective panel installations. The company’s unique business model enables communities of color to benefit from rapid solar panel installation and the solar panel maintenance package with no upfront cost or equity in the company, noted Thomas Neyhart.


How does Posigen serve homeowners? 

PosiGen’s goal is to modernize the roof of every U.S. home. The company connects homeowners with local installers through free, transparent online ordering systems that include information about the homeowner’s utility rate and credit score. PosiGen and its community of installers deliver a great solar lease, solar guarantee, energy efficiency makeover, and highly predictable, reliable power bills through a one-year lease. PosiGen CEO recalls how homeowners are empowered to obtain the high-quality solar panels they need and choose to install their attic access door and air conditioning unit (if they wish). 


Clean energy environmental benefits 

Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen has closed the clean energy affordability gap for nearly one million low-income American households by reducing their monthly utility bills with rooftop solar and energy efficiency upgrades, PosiGen CEO adds. The company’s low-income customers save 25-30% on their utility bills through solar and energy efficiency upgrades. PosiGen’s offerings include solar power, energy efficiency upgrades (low-cost improvements that protect the environment, lower utility bills, and make the home more comfortable), and renewable energy lease financing. The solar and energy efficiency upgrades reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 50% in their customers’ homes.

LMI markets are evolving rapidly, and the solar industry continues to disrupt the status quo. As solar energy is poised to continue this transformation, lenders, developers, and others should continue to leverage innovation, technology. In addition to  a customer-centric mindset to differentiate themselves in the space, said PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart. As solar energy grows, lenders will be forced to adapt to new, dynamic risk and compliance requirements. As a result, many legacy financial services firms are refocusing their efforts to apply their services to alternative energy, a booming market.