The Future of Entrepreneurship: Jason Hope´s Thoughts on the Next Decade

Jason Hope’s focus has expanded from providing financial education and investing to include political and philanthropic initiatives and promoting IoT and technology across the globe. In the past five years, Hope has served as an investor and board member of several successful companies. These include Pristine Display Technologies, a Tier One Display Development Company based in Houston, Texas, and a Ph-D Biotech company in San Diego, CA. Jason Hope´s entrepreneurial endeavors have focused on anti-aging technologies, expanding the accessibility of knowledge via technology, investments in the technology industry, and the expansion of scholarship funds and student opportunities. 


As an avid political and futurist thinker, Jason contributes to educational platforms in addition to public speaking engagements. Jason Hope’s background includes 15 years of experience in sales and sales management for IBM, emphasizing technology. He then went on to work for Gillette as a senior salesperson and manager, focused on product development, training, sales management, and new market penetration. Activist investor and successful businessman Jason Hope is a lifelong student, active entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Jason Hope and Valley Philanthropic Foundation

Over the last 15 years, Jason Hope has focused his efforts on developing and analyzing human-machine interface (HMI), general artificial intelligence (AI), and techno-spirituality. He currently serves as director of the Future Group of Life Sciences Advisors, CEO of SENS Science Foundation, and special advisor to the Director of the National Robotics Initiative at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Jason Hope focuses on technology and loves giving to his community. 

The futurist and visionary businessman Jason Hope previously served as a program officer with the Skoll Foundation. He was raised in Tempe. After graduation, he co-founded an early technology firm to provide a more human-centered approach to investing in technology. For years, Jason Hope has worked with startups, startups that eventually became corporations, and even entities that ultimately became public companies. A part of this work has included investment opportunities that, during his due diligence, he helped identify the business, products and/or technologies that his foundation should fund. Hope is an active blogger and speaks at conferences, primarily on futurism, regenerative medicine, and longevity.