Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision MD: How He Increased Conversions on His Website by 400%

Mahmoud Khattab is the CEO of Precision MD, a medical aesthetics company that has seen amazing success in a very short amount of time. One of the primary reasons for their success is Mahmoud’s focus on conversion rate optimization. In this article, we will discuss how he was able to increase conversions on his website by 400%!

Precision MD has clinics in Toronto, Ontario and Sydney, Australia. They provide cosmetic medical treatments for men and women including anti-aging skin care, acne treatment, laser hair removal, weight loss programs & more. Get connected with Mahmoud Khattab at

The Challenge & What Mahmoud Did About It

Precision MD saw a huge drop in conversions on their website. They were getting about 5-10 leads per day, but they wanted to see this number jump to 30 or 40 leads. To improve this figure, Mahmoud focused on the website’s copywriting and design elements for his A/B tests, however he never achieved his desired results. Then, one day Mahmoud had a conversation with an employee about how her family bought skin care products through Amazon. So he asked himself, “Why can’t I do this for my business?”

Then it hit him! He realized that people were already buying similar products online and that Precision MD could easily join in on the trend.

So he did what anyone would do: he opened an Amazon account and started listing their products for sale on this retail website. Mahmoud’s first product was a lip balm, so he listed it for $10 with free shipping included in order to enhance conversions. Then, using his company email address, he created a new listing on his personal Amazon account and linked it to his Precision MD business page. And that’s how Mahmoud made the first sale for his company through Amazon!

Precision MD sold their products at a 30% to 50% discount until they started seeing sales from these listings.