Kevin Seawright Contribution in the Homeownership Program in Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is an intriguing business person and a realtor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He has been vocal on homeownership, and he has been at the front line to ensure that residents get the best houses. His urge to see proper housing services provided to Baltimore residents compelled him to start a company that walks with the residents to acquire homes. Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions in 2015, a company that believes in affordable housing while focusing on other programs that support the community. The company focuses on helping residents improve their economic status, transform the neighborhood, and, most importantly, ensure the residents’ livelihoods’ stability. If you are on a pathway to acquire a new home, Kevin Seawright founded company RPS will help you get the property of your choice. Kevin and RPS Solutions recently announced their sales were closing out in 2019. Notably, the company managed to assists in the closure of home sales in Randallstown, Maryland, which is nearly 30 minutes away from Baltimore City center.

These homes were purchased by first-time homebuyers who desired to own three-bedroom, three-bathroom homes of their own. Besides, RPS Solutions and Kevin Seawright helped sell two houses in July 2019, a one and a three-bedroom house. Similarly, they managed to assist in the sales of a one and a half brick house located in Columbia, Maryland town. Notably, the company took time to renovate a two-story, three-bedroom house located at Dalton road. The colonial townhome was built in 1956, and RPS had to work to restore the home before they sold it out.

Recently, RPS Solutions sold a home located in a coming neighborhood of Hillendale, which is already up. With the newly found neighborhood, RPS solutions have been keeping a close eye, and they have taken time to take the opportunity for aspiring homeowners in Baltimore County. RPS Solutions LLC believes that their support and such an enabling neighborhood like Hillendale will foster economic growth in the area. Kevin Seawright is convinced that his company will be soar to greater heights and their sales represent the company’s finest solutions to the residents of Baltimore. Besides, after the recent introduction to Thornton, he believed that RPS Solutions would be the new home to Miss Bianca Thronton and, more so, her son Montrell. After RPS Solution met Miss Bianca, the company saw a prospective buyer for their property.

Although Miss Bianca is a lifelong Baltimore resident, she is now their first-time homeowner through their RPS Solution customer support.

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