John Hailer is the Current CEO and President of Natixis North America

John Hailer is the current CEO and President of Natixis North America, a subsidiary of French bank Natixis. Hailer has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years. He began his career at First National Bank of Boston, where he worked in corporate banking. He then moved to Chemical Bank, where he rose to Executive Vice President. In 2000, Hailer joined J.P. Morgan Chase as head of middle market banking for the Northeast region. He then served as the head of global commercial banking for J.P. Morgan before joining Natixis in 2008.

Natixis John Hailer is a member of the board of directors of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations. Hailer has also served on the boards of directors of several other organizations, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra and The Partnership, Inc.

John Hailer’s extensive experience in the financial services industry makes him uniquely qualified to lead Natixis North America. His deep understanding of the needs of businesses and his commitment to providing world-class service make him an excellent choice for the job. Under Hailer’s leadership, Natixis North America has become a leading provider of financial services to companies and individuals worldwide.

Hailer says it is not about the company’s products or services. It’s about the relationships that the company has with its clients. This philosophy has served him well during his career, which is why Natixis North America is such a successful organization.

John Hailer has been instrumental in helping Natixis North America grow and expand its business. He has led the company through some challenging times, and his experience and expertise have been invaluable. Hailer is a strong leader who can motivate and inspire those who work for him.

John Hailer is an example of a successful executive who has worked hard to build a successful career. His experience and knowledge have been invaluable to the growth of many businesses.