IM Academy Services

IM Academy is a successful online digital educational provider on Forex trading skills founded in 2013 by independent entrepreneurs and foreign exchange experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. They use a subscription model to allow their students to access their comprehensive library, including pre-recorded and application-based data. They have grown over the last eight years, and many people have benefitted from their services. IM Academy has a remote model that allows them to save on office space, and this has allowed them to hire top-quality personnel without focusing on geographical restrictions. The remote model also allows them to operate efficiently without worrying about emergency measures brought by Covid 19 pandemic.

For the new customers, they have a website where they can access their services through referrals by customers. IM Academy have video sessions and GoLive sessions where students can ask questions and apply the concepts they have learned in real-life situations since they interact directly with their educators. The videos provide students with a basic understanding of how foreign exchange works. The GoLive sessions use 13 different languages on several days at different time zones to accommodate students from diverse time zones in lessons. Their learning modules contain quizzes in each of them to test the understanding of the modules once they have been completed.

IM Academy has four academies, namely, FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX academy, and ECX academy, which they keep as reference materials and can use even after their subscription has expired. They also offer a discounted package at 54% called elite academy, including all the four academies, for individual purchase.

IM Academy offers an add-on educational module that provides more enhanced and specialized high-level classes in students’ areas of interest during your subscription. IM Academy is found in eight social media platforms. Follow this page on Instagram, for more information.


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