How Jason Hughes’ Influence Grew in the Buyer Representation Industry

Although most young men dream of opening businesses that positively impact society, few manage to do it. Jason Hughes is one of those few. Jason is the CEO and founder of Hughes Marino, one of the largest companies that deal with buyer representation. Currently, Hughes Marino has offices across the west coast. Jason Hughes has done hundreds of sale-leaseback transactions for individuals and companies. But it took time for him to achieve all this.


Back to the Beginning


Back in the 1980s, Jason Hughes was a young man with a dream of having an influential tenant representation company. Soon after he finished his degree and masters in tenant representation and business administration, he started looking for a job. He got his first job working as a representative for buyers in Cushman and Wakefield. Once he gained some experience, Jason Hughes felt confident to start his own company. 


Jason Hughes left his job at Cushman and Wakefield and went to live in San Diego where he began Hughes Marino. Together with his wife, they focused on providing their clients with the best experience during each transaction. They were also open to hearing some criticism from their clients to make their company better. They gained some influence in the buyer representation industry over time. As a result, Jason Hughes decided to initiate legislation that would push brokers to be transparent about the details of any sale. This legislation was passed as a bill in the summer of 2014. Today, Jason and Shay Hughes have appeared on multiple programs on TV as industry experts.