Financial Expert Mark Hauser Leverages 30 Years of Experience in Fitness Investment

Mark Hauser has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years and is a financial expert with an MBA from Western New England University. After leaving his career as a lawyer at Baker & McKenzie, he became one of America’s leading experts on fitness investments. He now teaches finance courses at the college level and has authored two books on investing in fitness clubs: “Fitness Investments” (1996) and “The Fitness Club Owner’s Guide to Getting Started” (2002).

He is also the founder of Fitness Ventures LLC, which provides consulting services to fitness business owners. Mark Hauser is taking his expertise into the digital realm with new webinar series called “Investing in Fitness.” The series will include financial topics applicable to beginners and existing investors looking for help growing their businesses.

Mark Hauser’s “Investing in Fitness” webinar series is available to watch on his website, where he also offers free coaching calls. He has helped investors get off the ground since 2014 and knows that starting a fitness business requires funding beyond just buying equipment. Mark Hauser suggests people look into getting their small business loans approved between January and April so they can open up shop during prime time when more customers are looking for new gyms to join.

Mark spends an average of 30 hours per week working with clients via phone or email because he only takes on one client at a time to ensure all of their needs are met before moving on to another case. This allows him plenty of room in his calendar for other work like writing books and teaching courses on finance.

Mark Hauser is a financial expert with 30 years of experience in the fitness industry who now offers consulting services to gym owners through Fitness Ventures LLC. He has written two books about investing in health clubs, which are available for free download from his website, along with links to watch the new webinar series “Investing in Fitness.” Mark also provides one-on-one coaching sessions if you want more personalized advice on opening your own business or expanding what you already have.