Eugene Plotkin, CEO & Founder at TechWallet

Eugene Plotkin is an entrepreneur and a business leader with over two decades of experience providing IT solutions to small businesses. He has worked for major companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems.

Plotkin has founded several successful companies, including TechWallet, Inc., an IT service provider, which he led to being named the #1 IT service provider in the US. Plotkin is a co-founder of the nonprofit organization, the Silicon Valley Healthcare Foundation, which successfully helped tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Silicon Valley.

Plotkin has received several awards, including the US Small Business Administration that is now publicly listed on the NASDAQ exchange, such as TechWallet Inc.,

Eugene Plotkin was born in Russia and lived in Israel until he was around four, when his family moved to the United States. He attended the University of Arizona from 1983 to 1987, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He then pursued his MBA at the University of Florida in 1992.

His siblings are Janet Plotkin, Dr. Gary Plotkin, and Dr. Barbara Plotkin-Curtin, all physicians. He has been living in the United States for over 30 years now. He has been married to his wife, Meryl, since 1987. The couple has two children together and is matched with their children. Plotkin resides in Palo Alto, California, with his family.

Eugene Plotkin has written several books that have been published on, and they are all available for reading online at no cost. Plotkin’s books include “How to Buy a Business,” “How to Buy a Multi-National Corporation,” “How to Buy a Medical Device Company,” and “How to Buy a Hotel.”

Plotkin has been involved in several charitable activities and has worked with several nonprofit organizations. He has served as the Prime Minister’s Fund for Israel director and is currently on the board of directors for the Prime Minister’s Fund for Israel. Additionally, Plotkin has also been involved in several nonprofit organizations focused on helping people with disabilities to live independently.

Plotkin is a big fan of sports and loves watching them whenever he gets a chance. His favorite sport is soccer, and he also enjoys watching other sports like basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, tennis, and more. Plotkin also loves reading books whenever he gets a chance as well.

Eugene Plotkin’s parents were both born in Russia and spent their childhood in Israel. His father is a physician, and his mother is an attorney. Plotkin’s parents met when they were both attending medical school at the University of Arizona, where Plotkin was born.

Plotkin is a massive fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team since he has been watching them since he was a child. He has often been to San Francisco to watch the Giants play at AT&T Park, his favorite baseball stadium in the United States.