Eterneva Adding Value in The Death-care Industry

Eterneva, a grief memorial and wellness diamond cremation company, has most recently accumulated nearly 3million to seed round. The Austin located company is renowned as an initiator of diamond technology critical in transforming cremated ashes of individuals into diamonds. Initiated in 2016, the company has swiftly ascended to build a well-curated portfolio and raise nearly $ 4.8 million. Under Adelle Archer’s leadership, the Austin-based company is determined to polishing up its laboratory in Austin, where it significantly invests in innovative grief wellness experience and grows the diamonds. The company is determined to widen its reach in various areas and establish a behemoth lab facility in Austin to bring forth significant growth in-house.

Additionally, the company is working towards bringing forth unrivalled customer experience. Besides Austin lab, Eterneva encompasses laboratories in Switzerland and Germany. In 2019, the co-founder Garret Ozar and Archer appeared on Shark Tank to garner an investment backup from Mark Cuban. The company has meticulously pursued active opportunities within the death-care industry to rise to greatness significantly. Of course, it has risen through the ranks to serve more than 600 customers from the fledgling phases. Baylor University is reviewing the company’s curated grief journey and life program.

Furthermore, the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic saw the company leverage its capacity to bring forth free services to crematoriums and funeral homes to revamp their entire arrangement materials. The cremation diamond company also merged with Phaneuf Funeral Home and Crematorium to bring forth Vermont and New Hampshire high-end services. Nevertheless, the cremation-diamond company joined hands with Schoedinger Funeral Home and Cremation to redefine its services. Archer, chief executive officer of the Austin-based company, holds that Eterneva has been a direct-to-consumer startup from the fledgling phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sure, it has played a fundamental role in helping countless funeral homes go digital.