Du Shuanghua And His Connection To Rizhao Steel

Du Shanghua currently has a net worth of one point three billion dollars as of January first two thousand and twenty-two. He is also a generous man who has donated to help support youth needs. Rizhao Steel Holdings is a steel manufacturer. It is worth mentioning that they are one of China’s largest private steel manufacturers. He is a well know successful man this is evident in the fact that he was listed on the Forbes billionaires list as well as the China Rich List of 2019. A little bit of background of the company Rizhao Iron and Steel. They were established back in the year two thousand and three. One of the most impressive things about how the company got its starts is that it only took one hundred and eighty-one days to get the company up and running at its full compacity. This is unheard of in the steel industry and was considered a miracle. Within the span of nine years the company had greatly grown and had become an integral part of the industry in the area of sintering, pellet, ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, oxygen making. The success of the company has been noticed and recolonized in a multitude of different awards for example Top 100 Chinese Credible Enterprises and more. Then in two thousand and nine sixty-seven percent of the shares of the company were sold to Shandong Steel. Then in two thousand in ten Du Shuanghua sold the remaining thirty-three percent of the shares to Shandong. Shangdong Steel is also a well-known and successful steel company as well. This is evident in the fact that it’s the twelfth biggest steel producer in the whole world! To give context to how big of a producer they are they produce twenty-one point seven million tons of steel. Continue reading here