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A Day in the Life of Bob Bull, CEO of RoyaleLife

July 4, 2021

Robert Bull started his career working in his family’s drug store in Muskegon, Michigan. Bull leveraged his business acumen to create Palace Resorts, a vacation destination for teenagers and their families, in Grand Haven, Michigan. The business thrived, and Palace Resorts merged with RoyaleLife in 2013. According to a New York Times interview, Robert Bull…

 Kevin Seawright Contribution in the Homeownership Program in Baltimore

June 28, 2021

Kevin Seawright is an intriguing business person and a realtor based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He has been vocal on homeownership, and he has been at the front line to ensure that residents get the best houses. His urge to see proper housing services provided to Baltimore residents compelled him to start a company that…

 Kevin Seawright Believes Buyers Should Stick To A Firm Budget

June 27, 2021

Anyone who is thinking about a buying for the very first time will have lots of questions. The prospect of moving into a home of your own is very exciting. At the same time, a home is also a huge financial decision. In order to buy a home, the first time buyer will need to…