Bio for Chad Price, CEO of Mako Medical

Chad Price is the CEO of Mako Medical. Since graduating from the University of Oxford, Chad has been a co-founder and CEO at various technology startups in the biotech, adtech and cybersecurity industries. In addition to his entrepreneurship ventures, Chad has also held CTO positions with large corporations, including Deutsche Bank AG London trading floor and Barclays Bank.

Mako Medical’s mission is to make affordable, accessible healthcare available to everyone on earth; here at Mako Medical, we believe healthcare should be delivered equally across borders, languages, cultures and political lines. That’s why we’re taking on this challenge and are setting out to change the world.

Mako Medical was founded in 2014 by Chad and a few friends. It started as a smart healthcare platform that used algorithms to predict and prevent disease in everyday people. But after a year of development, the team realized that the low-level problem was not the detection of diseases in common people but rather the availability of affordable healthcare for all people.

In 2015 Mako started working on a new product that would help people connect with low-cost medical expertise wherever they were in the world. After launching our pilot project in 2016, we worked hard to scale this technology into a global healthcare solution.

Chad’s passions outside of work include spending time with his wife and two daughters, eating good food and playing the guitar. He also enjoys singing and writing songs.

In his spare time, Chad is part of a country music band called The Moonshine Brothers, who will be releasing their first album in early 2016. Chad’s passion for Mako Medical is what keeps him motivated.

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