Andrew Frame’s Serial Entrepreneurial Journey

Andrew Frame is a Las Vegas born businessman who founded Citizen App. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built various successful businesses. Andrew is also acknowledged by BusinessWeek as the top young entrepreneurs who will shape the digital future of the world.

Early Start

Andrew Frame. the founder of Citizen App, started his career at a very early age. At the age of 15, Andrew dropped out of school in pursuit of his dream to start his own company. He had no experience or business expertise to start out. Andrew was really passionate about network provision that he built a technology company. Citizen App became very successful and to date, it is the largest internet service provider in Las Vegas.

Career Projection in Citizen App

After successfully running his own company, Andrew sought to venture into other technological fields. He joined Cisco Systems and worked in the support engineering sector. This job allowed him to learn more about network infrastructure. His excellent skill allowed him to get a job opportunity to work as a routing architect. He worked at Cisco for four years before joining a routing company. Andrew made a name for himself by receiving a certification awarded to the top engineer in Cisco. He was the youngest person to ever receive this certification.

Andrew joined Procket Networks as an engineer dealing with systems functionality after leaving Cisco. He worked at this company for three years, gaining skills to run his own technological company. Ooma, his second company, was started in Palo Alto. Andrew Frame focused on developing the company by hiring the best executives to run and manage it. He raised funding for its expansion from firms such as Worldview Partners.

Andrew Frame built the company into a huge success as its CEO for five years. He decided to quit and build another great invention that would change the world. After researching and consulting skilled engineers, he came up with an idea called Vigilante. He renamed it after one year to meet the safety needs of users in the United States. Refer to this article to learn more.


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