Month: May 2022

Alejandro Betancourt: CEO of Easy Payment Gateway

May 26, 2022

It is the holding company of the BDK group. In addition, Alejandro Betancourt has engaged in the expansion of financial services in Africa, which is a critical initiative. One of BDK Group’s subsidiaries, the Bank of Dakar, was used for this purpose. Possessing Both a Gift and a Career And Alejandro Betancourt owns stock in…

Yubo’s Impact on Gen Z Mental Health and Well-being During the Pandemic

May 26, 2022

Mental health and wellness issues have been an issue affecting humankind. The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on our social interactions and, consequently, our mental health. These resulted from a period of lockdowns and isolation from friends, relatives and co-workers for fear of contracting the virus, which aggravated anxiety and stress. Yubo, a social…

From CEO to Chairman: The Greg Blatt Story

May 20, 2022

When Greg Blatt became CEO of in December of 2009, the company was in a difficult place. The online dating industry was changing, and struggled to keep up. However, Blatt was able to turn the company around and make it one of the world’s most successful online dating platforms. In a Business Matter’s…

Richard Liu, CEO of A Successful Businessman with a Rich History

May 19, 2022

The CEO of, Richard Liu is a successful businessman with a rich history. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded his company in 1998 and has turned it into one of the largest online retailers in China. With over 100 million customers and annual sales totaling more than $30 billion, is a major player in the…

Greg Blatt A Modern CEO

May 13, 2022

From 2016 to 2017, Greg Blatt operated as speaker and leader of the Match Group and CEO of Tinder from December 2016 to December 2017. Greg was first the managerial moderator of the Match team from December 2013 to December 2015 and the administering Chairman of Tinder from July 2015 to December 2016. Greg was…

Andrew Brooks Sinclair Founder Speaks at Industry Conference

May 12, 2022

Andrew Brooks is a business leader and the founder of Sinclair Global, one of the world’s leading international staffing and workforce solutions companies. Over the course of his career, Andrew Brooks has achieved tremendous success in both the private and public sectors, successfully growing several businesses from their inception to become major players in their… leader, Richard Liu Donates His Company Shares

May 12, 2022

The technology industry in China has grown significantly. The country has managed to better its economy through technology. Companies who discovered the benefits of utilizing technology have grown into global giants. Organizations such as created and managed by Liu Qiangdong are globally recognized because of their achievements. The e-commerce organization became very influential after…

Yubo Joins the NFT-World after Launching Randos

May 5, 2022

NTFs are gaining popularity in the exchange and representation of digital collectibles, including digital collectibles with value and scarcity and tokenized versions of the assets. When it comes to trading, buying, and selling NTFs, Yubo is the first user-friendly, decentralized marketplace. It specializes in NTF, and its staff is developing a native digital asset that…

Check with the Yubo Safety Guide: App Is Safe

May 3, 2022

Yubo is a popular social media app with around 300 million active monthly users. It is often used to share short videos, images, and other media. It’s a mobile-based social media app that has gained significant popularity recently. The app allows users to create profile pages, share media, chat with other users, etc. It ensures…