Sahm Adrangi: Establishing a Financial Firm

Sahm Adrangi is a young entrepreneur who wanted to accomplish so many things in life. He is most well-known for establishing the Kerrisdale Capital Management, a financial firm focusing on assisting people who wanted to become successful traders. He is the current Chief Investment Officer of the company, and recently, the Kerrisdale Capital Management became the topic of several headlines across the country. It was reported that Sahm Adrangi would be investing more than $100 million, and he will be using all of the money to purchase stocks from a company that is yet to be unveiled. The company’s shares have been made available to the public, but the company’s identity is still a secret. Being the first of its kind to this kind of trick, several experts lauded the bold move of Sahm Adrangi, and they stated that it could become beneficial for the Kerrisdale Capital Management, regardless whether the stock they purchased is from a low performing company. However, others have warned him that it can also fail and his actions can backfire.

Despite the speculations about what could go wrong, Sahm Adrangi kept his focus on doing what he thinks would be the best for his company and his clients. He revealed that the amount he used for buying the stocks came from his clients, who voluntarily gave out $100 million so that he can purchase the shares. He promised that he would do everything so that he could return the money to his investors, with a considerable profit. Since starting a career in the financial world, Sahm Adrangi has been known to investors as a risk investor. He has an extensive track record, and all of it shows that each risk investment that he entered ended in huge profit. His expertise in risk investing resulted in his current colossal following, with people approaching him just to ask for advice and techniques on how to become successful traders.

Sahm Adrangi continues to draw in more investors to invest in his company. His performance is also doing well, and he stated that his expertise in risk investment would only bring in more people who would like to learn more about trading.

Bob Reina Introduces Live Meetings Application.

The world of video marketing has been electric with innovation over the past decade and no company has done more to make it happen than Talk Fusion. Based out of Tampa, FL, Talk Fusion is one of the foremost innovators when it comes to producing and releasing video marketing solutions to companies in need. Talk Fusion has been capably led by their charismatic leader Bob Reina for the past ten years and it was he who took to the press in order to introduce their most interesting product yet, Live Meetings. The Live Meetings marketing application could be a true game-changer in the digitally-driven world that we are currently living in.


So, what exactly makes Live Meetings special? Why is Bob Reina taking to the proverbial rooftop to let everyone know that this product is available? Well, the primary reason is simple: the Live Meetings application is an essential product for companies that want to broadcast their message far and wide by way of video. Live Meetings is a video conferencing application that has been built on the back of WebRTC technology. The primary structure of the application is built for companies to broadcast their message to upwards of 500 people at a time with up to 15 hosts rotating their time on camera.


Now, if LIve Meetings sounds similar to other

video broadcasting applications, that is only a superficial observation. The truth is, Talk Fusion is one of the few companies to turn to and embrace WebRTC technology as a platform but they won’t stay alone for long. WebRTC technology allows customers to integrate marketing applications without having to download special programs or install special browser plugins. All that you need for the Live Meetings application to function is a linked URL, that’s it. From there, the WebRTC coding allows the video broadcasting application to work across platforms with ease.


Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion team have been carefully crafting their marketing toolbox for the past decade. Reina, a former sheriff’s deputy, has turned wholesale to video marketing after finding success with his company early on. Reina and CTO Ryan Page continue to craft industry-changing products that help companies reach out to their consumers and effective and efficient ways. Live Meetings is the latest tool to be released on the market but it certainly won’t be the last and companies looking to keep up in the industry would do well to take notice. Learn more:


Plan Your Holiday Party without Stress

No matter a person’s age, race, or religion it’s safe to say they enjoy the holidays. Holidays are a time of fun, assembly, and spending time with family, making them a perfect time to have parties.

If you have chosen to plan a holiday party and is a little inexperienced and nervous don’t worry. Just relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. With a flexible plan, a bit of creativity, and solid execution hosting a memorable party is easy.

The first part of planning your holiday party is finding a good location. The atmosphere of your party will heavily depend on the venue. A restaurant or hotel, among other venues, are perfect for hosting intimate parties, plus this way you don’t handle the food, decor, or cleaning. If you think you’re up to the more difficult task you can easily host an elegant party in your home.

Decorations can also affect the atmosphere. There are many ways to create a beautiful backdrop for cheap.Something simple like fruits and vegetables in a bowl can make for stunning centerpieces.

Food enhances any party. Unless you are hosting a dinner party snacks, and appetizers are a must. And since it’s the holidays the clean up is less of an issue considering holiday parties are the perfect time to use disposable silverware and paper plates.

Lastly, and most importantly, set a budget you can work with and stick to it. It’s not as hard as you think host an inexpensive event that guests feel was planned by a professional. So go and enjoy your holiday.

About Twenty Three layers

Twenty Three Layers is one of the foremost event planning companies NYC. What separates the full service event planning firm from other event planning companies NYC is its attention to detail.

It has built a great rapport with many reputable establishments and vendors. It employs some of the best corporate event planners NYC. Hiring Twenty Three layers will make hosting an event a stress free experience.

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The Changing Architectural Themes and the Leadership of American Institute of Architects

The changing architectural concepts, ideas, and themes are the soul of the architecture industry since it started shaping buildings. The evolution of architecture over the centuries has a direct link to the advancement of human communities over the years. Architecture has taken specific themes in almost every decade, and it was addressing the serious issues of each decade through its fine solutions. In the last century, American Institute of Architects was taking the leading role of transition of architectural themes and bringing new trends into the mainstream. The professional association created by the architects of the United States in 1857 is quick enough to grasp the changing needs of the building industry.

Robert Ivy, the CEO of the association, confirmed that recent years saw revolutions around public health. Also, architecture got a deep association with technology to make the jobs of architects efficient and easier. Ivy says if the last decade was more focused on formalism by considering buildings as objects, current decade sees buildings as social engines. Also, modern-day architects have varied interests and giving prominence to public health considering its influence in the modern-day living. The young architects are very much socially engaged and thinking about solutions that can address the needs of diverse populations.

According to Robert Ivy, architecture can significantly influence the rate of non-communicable diseases as well. This is especially true to people who are facing lifestyle diseases as heart issues, blood pressure, diabetes, and more. Smart designing ideas that are promoting the physical activities of the inhabitants are the right choice to limit the rate of non-communicable diseases. For instance, walk-up stairs in buildings and long corridors are forcing its inhabitants to increase their rate of physical activities, and thus reduces the chances of lifestyle diseases. The access to fresh air, clean and sanitized water, proper sunlight are the other factors that are traditionally contributing to the health of the inhabitants.

Robert Ivy says that materials selection also plays a major role in deciding the health of the individuals living in the buildings. He identifies that most of the architects are eager to promote safety, health, and welfare through their projects. Also, people tend towards well-being rather than welfare in the recent years. Technology is another area where the architects are more enthusiastically working. Due to that reason, AIA started promoting tech events and introduced many tech solutions to bring architects and common people together.

Under Robert Ivy, AIA has sponsored hackathons to integrate technology into architecture and created an environment of contests which is part of the architecture world. Additionally, AIA also took initiatives to introduce apps that are fitting or answering the needs of architecture design ecosystem. The apps have brought interaction between architects and people more fruitful. Read more on HuffPost:



The Great Work of Robert Ivy as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a founded organization of architectures in the United States. The firm handles the primary issues entailing the circle of construction. Since its inception, the head office of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been in Washington City. The mission that the organization is to put the education in the community at the right place as far as architecture is concerned and to implement various projects that benefit the new architects to become professional. The leaders of the organization have set up all the required measures that address the challenges in the field. The move have led to the achievement of several objectives ever since the inception of the firm. One significant success that has made the company lauded is the programs of training the young architecture through the right course to make them fit in their area. American Institute of Architects has set a good reputation on the side of the society. The other move that the organization has made is the collaboration with the building and construction team to implement the measures that surround their field and enhance perfect cohesion within them. Visit AIA at Wikipedia to know more

Robert Ivy is the present leader of the organization who is holding the post of the CEO. His office approves all the decision made by the board members. The primary thing that made him elected is the position is the excellent skills that he has shown in management field. He is also a qualified architecture who has long time experience. His familiarity with the area enables him to understand the challenges and create the right solution. Robert Ivy has also factored in exceptional networking in the body. The step has allowed the smooth flow of communication and the coordination of the services within the organization. The idea of setting up the American Institute of Architects materialized in the year 1857. The professional architecture who had similar goals conceptualized the concept and put it into practices. The initial membership of the firm was 13 but it was later adjusted to 16. The organization was headed then by Richard Upjohn. The spirited teamwork in the group has enabled it realized dreams such as nurturing architectures and create to them the avenues of professionalism. AIA has put up several schools across the United States through their programs to trained people in the society and licensed them to earn full accreditation as qualified architectures

Robert Ivy has applied his skills in many areas to set the American Institute of Architects at the required niche.

Visit: for more info.

The American Institute of Architects is in Good Hands

13 architects looking to improve the public image and prestige of the architect profession founded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1857. The organization quickly grew, because at that time anyone could claim to be an architect in America. There were no architect licenses or laws dictating who could and could not practice architectural design. In just under three years the AIA had spread throughout the United States and today consists of over 90,000 members, 250 chapters, and is present in five nations. The American Institute of Architects is a national organization that helps architects in terms of education, government recommendation, job searches and other services that enhance the standard and reputation of architects in America. It has a $56 million budget and over 200 full-time employees that Robert will guide into the future. Read more at to know more about AIA.

Robert Ivy must adapt to the ever-changing environment and fluctuating tastes and preferences of consumers. The trend toward more eco-friendly and sustainable designs will be a priority for Robert and the AIA to incorporate into their educational and promotional strategies.

Robert A. Ivy is currently the CEO and Executive Vice President of AIA. He has always emphasized the importance of the architectural profession to the wellbeing and growth of the American economy and its societies. Mr. Ivy has over 20 years of experience working with architects and architectural publications such as McGraw-Hill Architectural Record. Robert earned his Bachelors degree from Sewanee: The University of the South in 1969 and his masters in architecture from Tulane University in 1976. Anyone who has gone to college will know the name McGraw-Hill from all the textbooks and resources used in class. Robert Ivy was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill and its Editor in Chief for its Architectural Record for 15 years. The Architectural Record is McGraw-Hills most popular journal and with Robert at its helm it became the most read Architectural journal in the world. View Robert Ivy’s profile at Tulane School of Architecture

Robert’s immaculate career and reputation led to many awards and recognitions including the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity’s “Master Architect” designation, which is only reserved for the most outstanding and contributory individuals in the profession. In the fraternity’s 100 year history only seven architects have been given the name and only one this century, Robert Ivy. He also received the Crane Award in 2009, which is the top award given by the American Business Media.



Stream Energy Finds Success in a Deregulated Market

If you haven’t heard of Stream, it is a Dallas-based company that is quickly becoming the provider of choice for many energy customers. There was a time when certain companies seemingly had a monopoly in certain local markets, but with energy deregulation (in certain states), this is no longer the case, which is making it possible for companies like Stream Energy to thrive. What does energy deregulation mean? Basically, it means choice. Consumers in a deregulated energy market, have the option of doing comparison shopping when trying to find a lower cost energy provider. Stream Energy, for example, has taken advantage of this opportunity and is offering consumers quality service at a fair price. View the Company reviews at

Founded in 2005, Steam Energy is a company licensed by the Public Utilities Commission in Texas, to provide electricity to customers throughout the state. Additionally, Stream Energy has become immensely successful, generating upwards of $8 billion in revenue, in the 12-years that they have been operating in Texas. How does a relatively new company become so successful? Well, according to the company’s Linkedin profile, Stream Energy relies on direct selling to market their service and to attract new customers. In fact, Stream Energy holds the distinction of being one of the largest direct selling companies in the global energy market segment. View the company profile on

Since it’s inception, Stream Energy knew that a quality product would naturally sell itself, and therefore, relied on word of mouth advertising and direct sales to grow their company, which now boasts 400,000 customers and 245 employees. In addition, Stream Energy has expanded into other markets including Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Steam Energy’s business model has proven so successful, that the company is now expanding their reach beyond just energy services. According to the company’s website, Stream has recently begun providing wireless calling services, as well as protective and home services nationwide.


Roberto Santiago: A Cultural Hero

Economic scientists recently published a study which revealed a dramatic gain in the Brazilian buying industry. Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is just one of the primary achievers from this industry. Whatever the cause was for new financial meltdown that drove the nation to economic chaos in 2015, the creations and advancements witnessed in this specific industry reflect on the great care which the industrious people of Brazil have been taking to recover. Roberto Santiago’s investment at the Manaira retail complex is a megalith of over 500 shopping centers which are known for providing greater than one thousand equal employment opportunities all over the nation.

Roberto Santiago is really an extraordinary entrepreneur who came to be in July 16, 1958, at Joao Pessoa. The doctor knew he was born for greatness. His idea of purchasing a parcel of property in 1987 and starting the building of this Manaira Shopping Center and Theater was based upon the idea of producing a sanctuary that provides leisure, sales, and adventure all under one roof. In 75 million square feet, the shopping mall is currently the largest shopping center in the country of Paraiba with the biggest gross leasable space.

Manaira Retail Complex isn’t only rated as the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, but likewise probably one of the shopping centers with the most foot traffic from the entire country of Brazil.

Even though Santiago began his trip to victory as a blogger, writing concerning the heritage of the country, he enlarged his tentacles to grasp film creation and entrepreneurship through the years. Besides owning Manaira Shopping Restaurant, he also offers other investments such as the Mangabeira retail complex.

Manaira Shopping Mall is strategically situated at the core of Joao Since; it has been since its beginning in 1989. Manaira Shopping Theater has become a one stop shopping center for the majority of people searching for goods such as meals, clothing, electronics, standard shopping, and services such as entertainment. It’s accessible for some urban dwellers searching for shopping options since they will have many outlets for pleasure.

The retail center includes a collection of movie theaters, fitness center, food restaurants, luxury courts with a large selection of freshwater cafes, pubs, and bowling alleys. Additional shoppers get the chance to get other essential amenities like banking providers and education from the mall faculty.

Consequently, he’s heavily invested into a state-of-art entertainment hub using 1-1 technologically complex movie theaters. Folks savor the experience of watching their preferred 3 d pictures with different extras like pubs, Ice creams, and peppermints. Visitors in Brazil will learn more about this civilization in a fun manner by going to the Domus Hall. That can be home to ethnic festivals, live theaters and assorted exhibitions being held in the Manaira retail complex.


Trabucos: A Forgotten But Effective Weapon

The Trabucos is a war machine designed to function like a catapult. It has its origins in China before the technology got adapted in Europe as well as the middle east. The Trabucos may be overtaken by modern technological artillery, but it remains a historic weapon that was highly effective in breaching enemy lines.

The Trabuco resembles a seesaw with one arm longer than the other. The long end is fitted with a sling that will hurl a stone towards enemy lines based on The shorter end is fitted with an overweight that generates kinetic energy required to sling the massive stone several meters and hit the target.

Types of Trabucos

According to, there are two types of Trabucos; the tension Trabuco and hybrid Trabuco. Each was used at a different time in history to fight specific wars.

The earliest form of a Trabuco was the tension Trabuco. Historic records show that it originated from China and was used by the likes of general Wu Jing Yao de Zong according to This Trabuco had to be operated by a manpower of up to 200 people to generate enough tension to sling the stone forward.

Though effective, the tension Trabuco had its limitations. Given it was operated by men, it was difficult to generate the same amount of traction to hit the same target again. This drawback saw the tension Trabuco get phased out after the 11th century.

Arab merchants were the first people to take the Trabuco technology to the middle east. The problem of building traction was solved by attaching an overweight on the short end of the Trabuco. Now the kinetic energy required to hurl the stone depended entirely on how much overweight was applied. This slight tweak led to the birth of the second kind of Trabucos, the Hybrid Trabuco.

The Hybrid Trabuco became an instant success over the tension Trabuco. It was easier to generate the same amount of tension to hit the exact target over and over. A hybrid Trabuco had the potential of hurling over 400 pounds of weight and could fire as many shots as required.

Trabucos in Warfare

A Trabuco was used for two main reasons in war. One, it hurled large stones heavy enough to tear down enemy walls and gates. Secondly, flaming heavy objects could be shot from the Trabuco aimed directly at an advanced enemy.

The Hybrid Trabuco ceased to be a war weapon when gun powder was invented. Nevertheless, it remains to be one of the effective weapons of war to crush enemy forces.

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Richard Blair’s Lengthy Successful Entrepreneurial Financial Career

Richard Blair has several financial certifications and successfully runs his firm, Wealth Solutions, from its headquarter office in Austin, Texas. He has authorization to practice as a professional in issues regarding income, taxes, estates and trust funds, investments, retirement and annuity. Richard established Wealth Solutions with the intent of leveling up the lives of clients including families and small enterprise owners.


Wealth Solution’s primary task is dissecting the investment opportunities for their clients. The firm is centered on Richard Blair’s values of philanthropy. Wealth Solutions avails investment opportunities to clients of a wide genre in regards to age, economic status and cultural background. Richard Blair designed a three-tier formula to guide the customer care professionals in designing a unique investment plan for every person’s needs.


Wealth Solutions’ financial experts seek to identify a client’s economic flexibility to map out their strengths and weaknesses. The information is utilized to assign them a low risk and high returning asset or plan that suits their lifestyle and needs. The second step is under the direct management of Richard Blair, whose sole job is to ensure the client’s assets reap the maximum .benefits. He follows up on the performance during all seasons to minimize losses in tumultuous financial periods. The final step includes Richard’s intervention in ensuring the client’s assets attain a trustworthy insurance formula. These may include a life insurance, annuity and long-term care. Learn more:


Richard Blair’s unwavering commitment to his clients is a quality he borrowed from his mundane encounter with his family and friends. Richard’s wife, mother and grandmother worked as teachers, hence inspired him in to gain interest in education. Richard admired their effort of impacting knowledge on society and resolved to pass on his skills in finance.


After graduating from college, Richard began working for a finance firm in 1993. He started his entrepreneurial journey a year afterwards by establishing Wealth Solutions. Richard has gained extensive expertise in helping clients realize their investment goals and plan a realistic and forthcoming retirement plan.


Wealth Solutions has a strong unbiased formula that offers equality to all prospective and subscribed clients. The wealth management solutions can be easily customized to fit the different financial pockets of startup businesses and average net worth individuals. Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that profits from Richard’s multiple certifications such as CES, CTS, RICP, CAS, CFS CIS and IAR. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions maintains his firm’s exceptional performance by ensuring the recruitment of competent staff and regular motivational events to inspire a great work ethic in the office. Learn more: