Forbes Highlights Former Exec at Natixis John Hailer

John Hailer is an Asset Manager. He has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. John’s knowledge, vision, and understanding of managing a company effectively allow him to grow any company with certified or accredited practices across various industry sectors.

John Hailer was born in San Francisco, California. He moved to Santa Cruz, California, in his early years and attended Santa Cruz High School. John then moved to Sacramento, California, where he graduated from American River College in 1990 with an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts. After graduating from American River College with an associate degree in liberal arts, he decided to serve his country and joined the United States Navy. Hailer’s first tour of duty was aboard the USS Tarawa (LHA-1).

With his expertise, John has served as an advisor for thousands of other companies worldwide. He has brought his professional services to businesses all over Europe, Asia, and Australia by founding multiple asset management firms currently managing billions in assets for their clients.

Through his companies, he has been able to help mentor and train many others in the industry to create strong management teams. John is an outstanding leader in asset management and has been recognized by many clients as an industry expert.

John Hailer has also written how-to articles for the magazine “Business,” which are all original articles he wrote to assist business owners. They offer a variety of essential business tips that allow the readers to make their company more profitable with minimal effort.

John has achieved much success in his career and obtained thousands of clients’ trust. He works closely with committees, boards, and executives to help manage a company’s assets. John is constantly seeking ways to improve his business operations and systems to make them more efficient and provide better service at a reduced cost.