Julia Jackson and Her Non-Profit Works

Julia Jackson always had an interest in wine. Despite the fact that she was surrounded by wine, her interest was strong and unique. Julia Jackson was born back in the year 1988 in San Francisco, California. She is born from a family that is renowned for its wine making business. The Jackson Family Wines is based in Sonoma County.

Julia Jackson has however drifted a bit from the wine business and joined Cambria Estates whereby she is a spokesperson. The Cambria Estates is an organization whose vision and the aim is empowering women. It is a non-profit firm. The organization is aimed at even providing financial support to institutions and other organizations that are focused on empowering women. It was founded by Cambria proprietors, Julia Jackson and Katherine. The fund has so far been able to help a lot of women realize their full potential. It continues to be driving moment for the most of the women.

Julia Jackson also has a strong academic background. She graduated with a BA from Scripps College. Julia managed to get a certificate in general management from the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business. Recently back in the year 2015, October 6th Jackson’s Family wines unveiled the Sonoma County Wine. The people from the area like most the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. However, in her opinion, Julia Jackson thinks that the best wine for the place should be Cabernet.

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One of the brands produced is the Capture Tradition Sonoma County Sauvignon Blac which is mainly meant for a refreshing moment mostly along the beach. It has a great attractive and warm appeal. Its ingredients include young grapefruit mango, white stone fruit, and mineral texture. All these give the wine a unique, classy taste. It averages captures about 25 United States Dollars.

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