The advisory role of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital was advising Sachs Capital during the process of acquiring RMG Works. Merion Investment and Virgo Capital financed the closing of the transaction. More than 50% of the Fortune 100 receives their digital signage hardware, software, and services from RMG. Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director, was in charge the Madison Street Team.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sachs Capital Group, Gregory H. Sachs said that they are pleased with the closing of the transaction. He attributed the success to Madison Street Capital’s relationship, guidance, and efforts. Barry Petersen added that it was a good practice to support Mr. Sachs to undertake the transaction the RMG Networks transaction was interesting and is now well positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities for its owners through the digital signage that is anchored on cloud technology, and Korbyt, which is a corporate communication platform.

Stockholders at RMG will receive $1.29 per share following the transaction. The RMG stocks ceased trading on 28th September 2018 at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange following the transaction. RMG transcends the traditional communications to assist in business productivity, efficiency, and engagement using digital messaging. The combination of hardware, software, business applications and services, the company gives a solitary point of responsibility for integrated visualization of data and real-time management of performance. RMG is based in Dallas, Texas.

Sachs Capital Group on the other hand provides flexible regulatory and non-regulatory capital to successful businesspersons. Their investment philosophy demonstrates the company’s belief in durable capital increase with meticulous financial and operating risk. It is a disciplined investor that focuses on business fundamentals, valuation, superior management, and ideal corporate governance.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital reputation as global investment-banking firm anchors on excellence, integrity, leadership, and service. The idea is to deliver corporate financial advisory services, financial options, and merger and acquisition expertise and valuation services to businesses that are owned publicly or privately. These services position Madison Street Capital’s clients on the path to success in the global market place.

Madison Street takes every client’s project as theirs, meaning that their fiscal advisory and prosperous capital enable them to match the M&A transactions for ownership transfer. The company views the emerging markets as the driving force for the global growth of their clients. As such, Madison Street continues to direct significant focus on these markets. Over time, Madison Street Capital has earned their clients’ trust around the globe because of their dedication to the highest professional standards.

The company understands perfectly the capital finance time sensitivity and responds immediately and tenaciously to the available opportunities. Its offices are distributed across North America Africa and Asia. More so, the company has a global view that offers equal emphasis on local networks and business relationships.


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Meet Louis Chenevert, A Canadian Production Manager Who Will Change The Status Quo

When Louis Chenevert was born in 1958 in Montreal, Canada, he had no idea how his actions would impact the lives of many. It is true that he doesn’t directly deal with his human beings, but his actions have created a profound positive effect on people’s lives. From his infancy, Louis Chenevert wanted to become a production manager. That is what he has lived to be. His dream started to shine shortly after graduating with a Production Management Degree from HEC School of Business at the University of Montreal.

Of course it would be useless with a production management degree at hand without a job. His friend Guy Hachey introduced him to General Motors St. Therese Branch in Quebec. It is while working at the branch that he helped shape things. Thanks to Hachey, Louis Chenevert was put in the assembly line, a section in the larger production department. Prior to his joining GM, the branch was producing vehicles at a slow speed thus it would be difficult to meet the ever-increasing demand of vehicles. He changed this. During his time at the assembly line, GM St. Therese could produce a brand new vehicle every minute!

Every person who worked with Louis Chenevert at the branch was amazed at the way he made decisions that were viable. He strayed with GM Quebec branch for 14 years. A timer came when he had to move just like his friend Hachey had done early. Both men landed jobs at aerospace companies that focused on producing aircraft engines. When a time came for Louis Chenevert to move, he went to Pratt & Whitney Canada. This is an annex company of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) that centers on aircraft engine production.

Louis Chenevert brought about tremendous changes to the aircraft company. When he was brought on board, it would take PWC’s production team 2 years to produce a small aircraft engine. With him on control of the production department, Louis Chenevert reduced the number of months of producing a new aircraft engine from 24 months to just 9 months. This helped the company save a lot of money and time.

Richard Blair’s Lengthy Successful Entrepreneurial Financial Career

Richard Blair has several financial certifications and successfully runs his firm, Wealth Solutions, from its headquarter office in Austin, Texas. He has authorization to practice as a professional in issues regarding income, taxes, estates and trust funds, investments, retirement and annuity. Richard established Wealth Solutions with the intent of leveling up the lives of clients including families and small enterprise owners.


Wealth Solution’s primary task is dissecting the investment opportunities for their clients. The firm is centered on Richard Blair’s values of philanthropy. Wealth Solutions avails investment opportunities to clients of a wide genre in regards to age, economic status and cultural background. Richard Blair designed a three-tier formula to guide the customer care professionals in designing a unique investment plan for every person’s needs.


Wealth Solutions’ financial experts seek to identify a client’s economic flexibility to map out their strengths and weaknesses. The information is utilized to assign them a low risk and high returning asset or plan that suits their lifestyle and needs. The second step is under the direct management of Richard Blair, whose sole job is to ensure the client’s assets reap the maximum .benefits. He follows up on the performance during all seasons to minimize losses in tumultuous financial periods. The final step includes Richard’s intervention in ensuring the client’s assets attain a trustworthy insurance formula. These may include a life insurance, annuity and long-term care. Learn more:


Richard Blair’s unwavering commitment to his clients is a quality he borrowed from his mundane encounter with his family and friends. Richard’s wife, mother and grandmother worked as teachers, hence inspired him in to gain interest in education. Richard admired their effort of impacting knowledge on society and resolved to pass on his skills in finance.


After graduating from college, Richard began working for a finance firm in 1993. He started his entrepreneurial journey a year afterwards by establishing Wealth Solutions. Richard has gained extensive expertise in helping clients realize their investment goals and plan a realistic and forthcoming retirement plan.


Wealth Solutions has a strong unbiased formula that offers equality to all prospective and subscribed clients. The wealth management solutions can be easily customized to fit the different financial pockets of startup businesses and average net worth individuals. Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that profits from Richard’s multiple certifications such as CES, CTS, RICP, CAS, CFS CIS and IAR. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions maintains his firm’s exceptional performance by ensuring the recruitment of competent staff and regular motivational events to inspire a great work ethic in the office. Learn more: