EOS Lip Balm-A Revolutionary in the Industry

EOS lip balm resonates with consumers offering a quirky, colorful, egg-shaped design and quickly catapulted to the top selling product of its kind in the country. In just ten short years, EOS lip balm is dominating the health and beauty industry. The foundation of their success lies in the opportunity to market lip balm to its largest consumer, women. Nearly 80% of all lip balm users are women and the founders Jonathon Teller and Sajiv Mehra found a method to tap into this amazing opportunity.

Before EOS, lip balm was heavily marketed as a unisex product creating little appeal for women. Teller and Mehra found opportunity and spent endless hours creating the perfect design. The EOS design appealed to two primary concerns of women regarding lip balm. First, lip balm needs to be a distinguishable design that is easily found in the myriad of items in a women’s purse. Second, lip balm needs to be a product that can be applied without dipping fingers into it to prevent contamination.

To appeal even greater to women consumers, EOS comes in a variety of different flavors that elicit nostalgic feelings of quite summertime evenings. Honeysuckle, Passionfruit, and Strawberry Sorbet are geared toward a female audience. Teller and Mehra wanted to elevate the experience and infuse luxury into the process of using and wearing the product daily.

Further research appealing to consumer demands revealed the desire for health benefits from lip balm. EOS ensures the lip balm is crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients such as shea butter. The lip balm is packed with vitamins C and E and contain SPF for protection from the sun’s rays. Teller and Mehra took a risk by forgoing normal industry expectations and utilized their own capital to create the company. To this day, the company still has not received any outside investment.