How Wild Ark is Contributing to Eco-Tourism With Preserving Natural Environments

Environmental awareness has become a global priority following recent news announcements concerning political events. Many individuals and businesses are looking for ways to contribute to ensuring that wildlife and natural conservation remain part of our planet for generations not yet born.Learn more :


According to a recent survey, nature-themed tourism accounted for 20 percent of international travel in 2016. The United Nations Environment Programmed, Conservation International and Rain forest Alliance released their findings from a study in 2015 that bird watching, nature walks, wildlife viewing, hiking and camping in the tropical rain-forest remains a highly popular option among vacationers, suggesting that there is quite a bit of consumer demand for tourist appreciation of natural conservation.


Eco-tourism has become a popular way for travelers and tourists to promote the natural habitats necessary for sustaining our planet, by providing direct financial benefits to their support. These preserved natural environments are also frequently regional culture spots, providing additional tourism benefits to eco-conscious travelers.Learn more :


Eco-friendly vacationing is becoming an increasingly more popular offering from some of the most extravagant hotels and resort locations, as well. Resorts in Africa, South America, the Philippines and even the United States are providing vacationers with thrilling tours that include up-close experiences with wild life in their natural environments, breath-taking views of nature and an un-quantifiable sense of the satisfaction that comes from participating in an activity that will provide for future generations of humans, animals and vegetation.Learn more :


When it comes to eco-tourism, one new provider of nature-based experiences, Wild Ark, is combining lifetime eco-friendly vacationing with rebuilding and sustaining these natural conservations. Wild Ark offers approximately 17 types of travel and tour experiences in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, East Africa, Zambia, Nambia and even Alaska. Safaris, wilderness experiences, Alaskan fly-fishing, eco-tracking of wildlife, bird watching and a 55 day adventure trek living in the African bush comprise their contribution to eco-friendly tourism.Learn more :


Founded in 2015 by Mark Hutchinson, Wild Ark has fulfilled his vision of filling people with the desire to re-connect with nature. Wild Ark summarizes their mission as protecting the rich biodiversity of green belts around the world and promoting inspiration and harmony with nature.