Raising Standards Of Living and Education

Owning a home is a dream for many, and when it becomes a reality, one is filled with happiness that is immeasurable. The regular rent payments go out the window because no typical landlords are knocking at doors anymore. Nexbank has also ventured into the sector of saving for education through the acquisition of College Savings Bank.

Providing mortgage banking as well as commercial banking amongst other services, Nexbank is the go-to financer when it comes to home ownership. Owning a home reduces a person’s expenditure considerably hence improving the standards of living. With assets that are about 3.3 billion dollars caters to many institutions and corporations on a national scale. Partnering with Dallas Neighborhood homes, Nexbank is aiming to provide more loans for residents of southern Dallas that have low income. Since people who have low income have limited access to mortgages, the bank comes in to fill the gap. The action of putting more people on the homeownership program consequently improves the quality of their lives. Both institutions have outstanding records in providing programs that make owning a home more accessible, and hence residents feel that their situations will change for the better.

The acquisition of the College Savings Bank has led to better and broader services of Nexbank to its clients. Since it deals with education, it helps parents prepare their children for higher education. Saving for education should be in the plans of every parent that has a child, and it is a smart financial move. Down the road, the parent will feel the ease when it comes to paying the tuition fee for the students. An excellent point to note is that the savings account produces high yields and also no fee payment for asset management. According to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Nexbank, Matt Siekielski, the acquisition provides an excellent opportunity to position the bank for long-term growth as well as short term. The College Savings Bank will operate under Nexbank and still specialise in the initial saving programs that are approximately 529 in number.