Bradesco New President: Replacement Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Bradesco Seguros, a world-recognized bank which came to a point and announced its new president. The man elected was Octavio de Lazari who was to replace the successful man in the executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Even though, Trabuco was to remain as the president until an ordinary meeting was held before Octavio could take over.

Lazari who was 54 years was the name that had been quoted so that he can succeed Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Lazari started working when he was 15 years as branch agent in the street which is popular in Sao Paulo. He was a gifted footballer but abandoned that dream so that he can work for the bank where his father was the client. His father had used the manager’s relationship so that he could claim a vacancy for his son.

The succession process started in October which is the largest second private bank. The bank had said that a new president should come from financial institution staff. Lazaro had resigned from being the chairman of Board of Directors in the bank. By then Luiz Carlos Trabuco had ascended from the collegiate presidency.

Bradesco had pointed out personal merits using the material fact of Lazari. The organization had recognized and included in the companions where he deserved the distinction of all of them and helped to maintain continuity line and was a fundamental key that ensured prominent positions that the bank has been holding in international and national financial scenarios.

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Lazari went to Osasco and attained from a faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, a degree in Economics where his specialization area is marketing and financial strategies where he attained from FIA. He is the successful man to remain as the president of Bradesco Seguros.

In the closer of 2017, Bradesco Seguros announced to have closed with R $ 76.3 billion which was an increase of 6.8% from what it had achieved when it had closed in 2016. due to the good result, the company was able to achieve market share that was higher than previous years of 26%.

The bankers had become optimistic because of the performance of the national economy of 2018. There was citing inflation to be able to remain in the middle of the target, where there will be basic low-interest rate, and the GDP will be growing in between 2% and 3% according to in addition, the employment will not be increasing so that the nation can have better years than it ever had before. Despite the optimism, Trabuco and Lazari had stressed the importance to have the pension reform.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco leaving the management of Bradesco as CEO had a delay because of the age extension limit exercise which increased from 65 to 67 years that was in integration with the HSBC. Even though, the substitute Lazari Brandao, who was to become the successor was anticipated after he resigned from the company. This was because the executive could remain as the president of the institution up to 2019. this was an attempt that the company didn’t comment about.

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