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Born in Russia, raised in New York City, and living in Los Angeles, Doe Deere has lived an exceptional life already. She’s a self-made entrepreneur with a successful cosmetics company and a passing interest in fashion and modeling. Today, she uses her own face to market the cruelty-free products sold by her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics.

In a recent interview, Doe revealed that her life and her career almost took a very different path and, had she continued on that path, she might not have achieved the success she enjoys today. She started out by exploring her interest in fashion design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She eventually dropped out and just started designing clothes on her own.

These were the first products to bear the Lime Crime name and the business did well enough. Ms. Deere says she learned a great deal about fashion trends and how they can be used in marketing campaigns. While it was an educational experience, it wasn’t long before Doe realized she wanted to explore other opportunities.

It was around that same time that Doe began dabbling in making her own make-up. She enjoyed using her creativity to come up with new colors and shades. She realized there might be a good market for her products, especially because most cosmetics companies weren’t providing a very expansive range of bright colors. As Deere began to market her Lime Crime Cosmetics line, she found that the public was much more responsive than had been the case with her fashion designs. This encouraged her to continue producing her custom make-up lines, growing the business into an overwhelming success.

Even when it came to marketing her cosmetics, Doe Deere had a fun time reaching out to potential customers. She started a blog, so she could share make-up tutorial videos using her own cosmetics. This helped her followers mimic her style, while also promoting her cosmetics in a low-pressure way. Along the way, Doe also hosted contests and giveaways, which helped to build her 3 million-plus fanbase.

Lime Crime Cosmetics helped Doe Deere establish herself as one of the first and most successful female entrepreneurs in the world. Her advice to others is to listen to others and take criticism with a grain of salt. She says there’s always something to be learned from her followers, her personal friends, and from online critics. She says that’s the best way to learn what people want from your business, so take advice to heart and respond to criticism online in the best possible way.

Doe Deere cares about more than just marketing her Lime Crime products. She also spends her time participating in conventions and speaking engagements. She likes to do what she can to inspire other female entrepreneurs to follow their own dreams. Doe says it’s important to do things that inspire your own passion. Ms. Deere adds that she enjoys using herself as an example, because it helps her give back to her community and to show others that success can be achieved.


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