The Great Work of Robert Ivy as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a founded organization of architectures in the United States. The firm handles the primary issues entailing the circle of construction. Since its inception, the head office of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been in Washington City. The mission that the organization is to put the education in the community at the right place as far as architecture is concerned and to implement various projects that benefit the new architects to become professional. The leaders of the organization have set up all the required measures that address the challenges in the field. The move have led to the achievement of several objectives ever since the inception of the firm. One significant success that has made the company lauded is the programs of training the young architecture through the right course to make them fit in their area. American Institute of Architects has set a good reputation on the side of the society. The other move that the organization has made is the collaboration with the building and construction team to implement the measures that surround their field and enhance perfect cohesion within them. Visit AIA at Wikipedia to know more

Robert Ivy is the present leader of the organization who is holding the post of the CEO. His office approves all the decision made by the board members. The primary thing that made him elected is the position is the excellent skills that he has shown in management field. He is also a qualified architecture who has long time experience. His familiarity with the area enables him to understand the challenges and create the right solution. Robert Ivy has also factored in exceptional networking in the body. The step has allowed the smooth flow of communication and the coordination of the services within the organization. The idea of setting up the American Institute of Architects materialized in the year 1857. The professional architecture who had similar goals conceptualized the concept and put it into practices. The initial membership of the firm was 13 but it was later adjusted to 16. The organization was headed then by Richard Upjohn. The spirited teamwork in the group has enabled it realized dreams such as nurturing architectures and create to them the avenues of professionalism. AIA has put up several schools across the United States through their programs to trained people in the society and licensed them to earn full accreditation as qualified architectures

Robert Ivy has applied his skills in many areas to set the American Institute of Architects at the required niche.

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