The Fabletics Brand that Kate Hudson Created

The internet has become a place where people go for many of their shopping needs. Millions of people have signed online to buy their favorite garment. This is what people do when they go on Amazon. This is what people do when they go to the Fabletics site.


These are two companies that are competing very heavily with one another, and people are quite thrilled about the way that Kate Hudson is challenging competitors like Amazon. She is fully aware that her fabletics brand is smaller, but she knows that she is a lot of potential for growth.


The best think about the competition that Fabletics has with Amazon is the niche market. Kate has become much more in tune with a direct connection to customers because she sells a specific line of clothing. She does not have to spend extra money marketing to men or people that are looking for jeans or other everyday clothes. Kate has a specific target which is women that are looking for athletic clothing. Amazon, however, has a long line of products that spans in every direction. There is a strong need for Amazon to have a presence that spans a lot of different groups because this company offers a lot of different products. With Fabletics the focus is much more controlled, and this gives Kate Hudson a better advantage when it comes to building a better company.


Over the years Hudson has been able to totally change the way that people look at her brand. She started as an online store, but more of the stores for Fabletics are coming into the light. She has a plan in place to open more than 100 stores in the next five years. This says a lot about the direction that this company is going in. It is a true sign of her desire to compete with companies even as she goes offline.


A lot of people have become fans of the Fabletics brand because it is plastered all over the web. Kate Hudson has really done a wonderful job of taking this company in another direction. She has been able to change this from a small online brand to one that is surfacing as a clothing store that will also cater to people that do not even shop online. This is where she has Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, in a bit of a bind. He does not have any type of offline connection. This means that Kate Hudson has the ability to lure customers through her website, but she also has the ability to connect with people that are not shopping online. This has given her a very interesting look at the world of friendly competition in the business world.


Fabletics has definitely become a very popular company because there is a lot of social media buzz. It has become a very interesting company that has grown tremendously in a very short amount of time. It is a very profitable company for Kate Hudson.

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