Why Rick Smith Was A Great Choice To Lead Securus Technologies

Richard, or Rick, Smith is the Chief Executive Officer or Securus Technologies. He joined this Dallas, Texas-based firm in June 2008. Securus Technologies was formed in 2004 after two leading corrections industry companies merged, Evercom and T-Netix. Rick Smith was selected as the ideal leader of Securus Technologies due to his career background in management, involvement in the technology industry, and educational background.

Before joining Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon Telecom, Inc., a company in the telecommunications industry. While at Eschelon Telecom, he grew the company’s annual revenue from $30 million to over $350 million a year. He also successfully held the company’s IPO in 2005 which is when it went public. He worked for several years at Global Crossings, now called Frontier Corporation. He was this company’s longtime Vice President of Financial Management. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Rick Smith’s years of work in an executive level position as well as his work in the telecommunications industry made him a great choice to lead Securus Technologies. Among the products and services they offer to the correctional industry are phone technologies. Securus Technologies monitors calls that are going into and out of correctional facilities in order to keep prisoners and staff safe as well as the general public. Using Securus Technologies monitoring software, many crimes have been uncovered as well as the existence of contraband in the prison system.

Securus offers a huge variety of technological tools to both correctional facilities and law enforcement departments across the United States and Canada. Rick Smith as said that, on average, his team at Securus Technologies releases about one tool every week. These technologies are used to prevent and solve crimes. His leadership and willingness to invest heavily in new tools has resulted in Securus Technologies becoming the leading provider of security tools in North America.

Recently, Rick Smith also invested in a new, award-winning call center. His call center has an excellent rate of swiftly answering phones and resolving issues on the first call. The call centers handle sensitive issues as oftentimes the calls are from the loved ones of people in prison. Rick Smith as seen to it that the customer service staff is trained for this and handle calls in a compassionate manner. The staff is also called by people in law enforcement and correctional institutions who need help with a technology and the best way to use it.

Rick Smith earned his degree in engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and his Master’s in Engineering from the State University of New York. He furthered his education by attending the University of Rochester, earning his Masters in Business Management.

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The Difference The OSI Group Has Made In The Food Industry Worldwide

Running a business in the food industry has numerous considerations. As the president of the OSI Group, David McDonald feels the company is so well placed globally they can handle the challenges involved. The OSI Group is one of the world’s leaders in supplying products like beef patties, sausage links, sandwiches and pizza. The company has over fifty facilities in seventeen countries and is currently expanding in China.

OSI has been in China for twenty years and has grown with the country. They currently have eight factories and are on their way to being the biggest producer of poultry. The company’s operations in China serve clients like Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s, Saizeriya, Starbucks, Yum and McDonald’s. OSI is focusing on China since they are currently the fastest growing consumer market worldwide.

In the past year OSI has announced, expanded or launched plans for seven new production and processing facilities all over the world. This includes a facility for beef processing in Poland, a feed mill located in the Shandong Province in China and a plant for processing frozen foods in Madanapalle, India. The plant OSI opened in Geneva and produces private label and branded frozen entrees. Their operations in Hungary added a new area for large cold storage and a higher capacity production line. The cost of $25 million tripled the capacity of their production of processed chicken.

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David McDonald of OSI says they want their company to grow and gain in significance to their customers. He explained they offer so much more than production capacity. OSI also handles product development as. McDonald realizes consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding in the foods they choose and understands giving consumer what they want is critical.

The OSI Group works with the manufacturers of equipment to develop the processes necessary to make certain food is of a high quality and safe. They monitor the way their food is grown. They use their technical resources and employees to understand how to take a concept and turn it into a product. The company is continuing their steady growth.

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End Citizens United Reforms on American Elections

End Citizens United was formed on March 1st, 2015. It is a political action committee dedicated to dealing with the destructive effects of Citizens United. End Citizens United gets its funds from grassroots donors. End Citizens United also aims at reforming its campaign finance system. It aims at showing elected officials, voters, the press, and candidates that the grassroots are giving their best to fight against the increasing boldness of billionaires targeting to buy their elections. End Citizens United believes that by doing that they will be in a position to build a broad coalition that will work towards reforming their campaign finance. It will also pressure lawmakers to take necessary action.

End Citizens United has put together a group of veteran Democratic operatives to assist in passing the message concerning the influence of money in the political world. The team will also help in putting an end to this issue. They have a board comprised of committed top leaders. End Citizens United has a mission geared towards combating big money in the political world and dismantling the rigged political system through electing campaign finance reforms. The champions aim at putting to an end to unlimited money in politics as well as to dark money. End Citizens United plans on achieving its mission through:

  • Using grassroots membership to showcase political power on issues concerning money in politics
  • Electing pro-reform candidates
  • Raising the matter concerning money in politics as a national priority

End Citizens United collects over $4 million

End Citizens United managed to collect over $4 million within the first three months of the year. They have an objective of ensuring that the project raises $35 million in the preparation of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. The fundraising details were provided to USA TODAY. It would be a great flow from the $25 million that PAC took in during the 2016 election, which was their first election cycle in operation.

Tiffany Muller is PAC’s president and executive director. Muller said that about 100,000 individuals contributed to the PAC for the first quarter of 2017. 40,000 of the contributors were first time givers. Leaders of this group say that their objective is to elect campaign-finance transformations champions to Congress. Tiffany noted that on average the PAC received $12. According to Tiffany, the group’s donors feel like they are being rigged against by the system. They feel that people who can write the biggest checks get the biggest say. Tiffany says that this is their way of fighting back. Tiffany added that Democrats are not happy about President Trump’s win. As a result of that, they are willing and ready to fight back against his agenda and his nominees. Muller said that they would fight back candidates such as his selection of the Supreme Court, Judge Neli Gorsuch.