The Power behind Betsy DeVos

Recently, the news was rife with information regarding Donald Trump’s pick for the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Although you may have heard about her conservative views, there is so much more behind Betsy than you know and see in the news. What is the power behind her that makes her fully qualified to run in this vitally important position in government?

Vice President Mike Pence has offered and given his support to Betsy DeVos from the beginning. His leadership, knowledge, and his experience would tell us that perhaps she is fully qualified to not only hold this title, but to do great work during her time as the Secretary of Education. Her heart for children in school is big, and she lacks no skills in working with the people that work with our children on a daily basis. The Department of Education will be changed forever by her work and her dedication to these children as they continue to get their education in their current school.

It was in 2010 that Ms. DeVos founded the American Federation for Children, an organization that is fully committed to giving guidance to families on education and their options. As an advocate for school choice, she believes that a quality education should not be based upon where a child lives, but rather the choice of their parents to get them into the school of their choosing. Wouldn’t the parent know best?

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Ms. DeVos is an advocate for school choice as well as for vouchers. A long-time advocate for private schools, she believes that the quality education should be able to cross the lines into the public schools. While those schools are set up differently and public schools are funded by the government, there has always been a comparison made between these schools and what they offer students in terms of the long-term opportunity. Read more on Los Angeles Times.

Her approach is to bring them together and make the opportunity for students equal rather than separating the students and the families. Bringing people together, especially when it comes to the good of students and their opportunity to learn and get a quality education should be revered rather than viewed as a bipartisan endeavor.

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